What can I do for you?

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The following are typical tasks for my profile:

Special field:

  • Performance Engineer / Technical Test Analyst
  • Load and Performance Test
  • Stress Test
  • Test Automation

Details, domain, operational area:

  • Performance Testing and Test Automation from start on initial planning, define requirements and design until test complete. Incl. developments of analysis and test scripts, test execution, build up test environment, consulting, etc.
    • For productive system deployment (acceptance testing), system testing, regression testing as well as dialog test for the next software release (old vs. new).
    • As verification of requirements, SLA (Service-Level-Agreement), NFR (none functional requirements) and evaluation of customer satisfaction.
    • As a bottleneck analysis to identify weaknesses/performance issues and to recommend possibilities for performance improvements.
    • As Load Test, Performance Test, Stress Test till Fail-Over-Test.
    • In conservative software development methods (e.g. V-Model, Waterfall) or in Agile development methods (e.g. SCRUM, Kanban) or in any other software development method.

Other core competencies and concrete tasks:

  • Support test management and quality management / quality assurance.
  • General test automation and software testing, including test case programming in all testing tools and all programming languages. Also functional testing tools and also related to CI / CD (continuous integration / continuous delivery).
  • General test management and software testing tasks, especially in the area of test automation: test planning and design, implementation, estimation, monitoring, evaluation, control, analysis. And also refactoring of test scripts and assist in selection of test methods.
  • Test data management: Planning needed test data and test data generation.
  • Understandable representation of test results and their presentations.
  • Training and coaching in these areas.
  • Tool evaluation and selection.
  • Development of analysis scripts and proper monitoring.
  • Planning of Workload and quantity structure (Load Profile during Load Test) and design Scenarios (What happened during Load Test).
  • Assistance in coordinating and team leadership.
  • Support process engineering, for example of defects processes.
I can also assist you in the following areas:
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  • Static code analysis in the automotive sector – MISRA-C (MISRA-C rules coaching, too)
  • Coaching for a wide variety of certification programs
  • Contact for issues of QA/QM and test management with a particular focus on non-functional tests and metrics.
  • Contact for finding solutions of all kinds, of a technical nature, processes, to conflict resolution.